My professional life over the last 19 years  has been centered around sustainable local development including the extra challenges it brings along, such as:

  • working alongside local elected officials,

  • dealing with all the parties concerned, and in general, with all the stakeholders (associations, companies, teachers, inhabitants, …)

The idea has always been to implement “shared developing processes” (whether it concerns Agenda 21, Plan Climat, or areas such as the social economy and entrepreneurship, fair trade, general access to culture, … ). This is my natural habitat, where I feel like a fish in the water!

And last but not least “international cooperation”, which most likely best merges all these concerns on local and a global level.

Since 2015, I’m an happy entrepreneur! Following my instinct (also my abilities and skills) I’ve founded L’ATELIER. Since then, I support my partners by leading debates and workshops about transition and change making. See all my references here.


  • ecological transition

  • climate talks

  • public policies

  • podcast producer

  • prospective talks

Also, I’ve been a passionate user and collaborator about the media for a long time (in the end, you need them to really get your message across):

  • Radio, on the HDR antenna as host, director, editor-in-chief of Ton Libre, Parking Day or Discrimin ‘Action;

  • Television, on La Chaîne Normande with a monthly show,

  • But, I am even more acquainted with the universe of the podcast, with “#2050,” launched in January 2017.

Finally, -because there is more than just work in life – I love to spend time with my wonderful family; I am also an avid runner which is ideal to come across the “inspiration to the rhythm of my respiration”.